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Plasma Treatments

Application of plasma to modify the surface properties of materials (cleaning, activating the surface, and improving their adhesion characteristics) to ensure the reliability of subsequent processes such as printing or gluing.

Ultrasonic Welding

Clean, quick, and reliable bonding processes to join plastic components without the need for additional bonding agents (such as glues or solvents) through the application of high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations.

Ultraviolet Light

High-intensity ultraviolet (UV) light is applied to accelerate chemical processes during manufacturing, such as the curing of adhesives or inks.

Artificial Vision Systems

Machine vision systems are used at different stages in the manufacturing process to perform 100% quality controls.

Precision inkjet printing

High-quality printing on our products using state-of-the-art drop-on-demand inkjet printing systems.

Bi-material Injection

Injection on the same mold of 2 different plastic materials, one rigid to provide structure and strength and one flexible to allow tight seals, without the need of bonding, to create our patented capillary flow regulation device.

A solid base for IV developments

Leventon's long experience in manufacturing the market-leading DOSI-FLOW® IV Flow Regulator and DOSI-FUSER® constantly optimizes production capacity by following exhaustive controls throughout the entire process and makes us a consistent partner for the infusion industry.

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