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Infusion Systems


Dosi-Flow 1,2,3

Precision flow regulator for the administration of I.V. Solutions

Safety and reliability: Once adjusted, the flow remains constant during the entire infusion procedure, eliminating the need to frequently monitor and readjust the control device. No risk of over-infusion. Two-handed setting procedure prevents accidental tampering.

Simplicity: Installation, calibration and adjustment are performed in a few minutes and require no special training.

Economy: Low cost disposable unit requires no capital investment, freeing hospital from inventory and maintenance costs.

Versatility: Suitable for use with all types of fluid containers and most IV solutions available on the market.

Special configurations and custom-made manufacturing available.



  • Short regulator extension set
  • Latex-free septum or needle-free y-site
  • 20 or 60 drops/ml drip chamber
  • Transparent or light protected sets
  • DEHP-free PVC or PVC-Free sets
  • One way gravity check-valves
  • in-line 0.2 micron filters

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