Our Mission and Vision

As a corporate manufacturer of Healthcare Products, the Quality Policy of Leventon S.A.U., in line with that of its parent company WerfenLife, meets the expectations of both customers and end users with regard to the Quality and Service of its products, in addition to all the legal and regulatory requirements in force in the sector.

As such, Leventon S.A.U. undertakes to: 

  • ensure the products and services supplied by Leventon SAU fully meet the needs, requirements and safety of their end users (patients and healthcare personnel) 
  • ensure the internal manufacturing processes are free of risks to the health and safety of Leventon SAU employees 
  • guarantee strict compliance with all applicable regulations (products, processes, equipment and installations) 
  • guarantee compliance with the Code of Ethics established by WerfenLife 
  • drive competence and motivation among Leventon S.A.U. personnel through Training Programs and an environment that fosters communication 
  • create awareness and train personnel in Quality Culture by means of the effective and dynamic implementation of the Quality System and the promotion of prevention, planning and ongoing improvement activities

Leventon, S.A.U.

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