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About us

In 1979, the Rubiralta family founded the Instituto Bioquímica Aplicada (IBA), initially as manufacturer of surgical white coats. Two years later, it changed its name to the current LEVENTON due to commercial reasons (similar pronunciation in every language worldwide). As early as 1981, the company already manufactured electrodes, packed and sterilised nasogastric catheters and also packed "in vitro" reactives.

At that time, a new project of design and manufacturing of a Flow Regulator for IV infusion therapy is assigned from Werfen to LEVENTON. Thus, in 1982 the DOSI-FLOW 1 and afterwards, in 1987, the DOSI-FLOW 10 were created, turning to be the main products of the company. Since then, LEVENTON, thanks to the R+D activities and market feedback, has developed a catalogue of disposable medical devices focused on Infusion Therapy as core business. Further to the flow regulator Dosi-Flow, LEVENTON expanded the portfolio with the Elastomeric Infusion Pump DOSI-FUSER (2002), Oncology Infusion Set ONCO-FLOW (2010), Wound Catheter DOSI-PAIN (2011), MULTIFLOW Flow module for Pumps (2012) and High Volume Pump (2015).

Besides the core activity, LEVENTON is also offering a complete programme of Respiratory Exercisers, with TRI-BALL for general purpose and SPIRO-BALL as Volumetric Incentive Exerciser

Our expansion on the international market started in 1986 with the entry of Spain in the European Community. At the beginning of the 90's, the international sales were 50% of the company's turnover. In 1993, an agreement to manufacture flow regulators under private label for a main player in the US market is signed, growing ever since. This international expansion has been consolidated every year, turning up to the current 87% of the turnover, from which almost 40% are USA sales, with Leventon distributors in more than 50 countries.

Today our main brands are recognised worldwide:

DOSI-FLOW® Flow Regulators

DOSI-FUSER® Elastomeric Pumps

We are located in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, at 50km from Barcelona. LEVENTON is an FDA Registered Establishment since March 1985 (so, more than 30 years now) and an ISO 13485 Certificate Company (Underwriters Laboratories). Furthermore, we have got all the certifications from national authorities from many countries, such as Japan, Brasil and China.

USA: we have got the 510k approval for the following products

  • Flow Regulator DOSI-FLOW® 
  • Elastomeric Pumps DOSI-FUSER® 
  • Respiratory Exerciser TRI-BALL® & SPIRO-BALL®

Note: flow regulators are sold in US under exclusivity contract with a main player. Please contact us for further information.

Leventon, S.A.U.

Phone: +34 93 817 63 00
Fax:+34 93 817 63 01


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